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Blockchain & Crypto Regulation Compliance

We advise FinTech businesses and Companies on the use of distributed-ledger technology while establishing efficient compliance with applicable law and regulation.

As a Regulatory Counsel we will play a crucial role in building your regulatory and compliance projects around digital assets, NFTs and blockchain and guide you step by step before the launch of new products. 

Our Solutions:

  • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements. We help you understand how your business need to be compliant and ensure compliance with license application, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC).

  • Create Disruptive Products: We help you develop a digital assets strategy and provide advise on risks associated with
    your business model.

  • Mitigate risks, fines and reputational damage: We conduct independant audits of your AML and digital assets risks and
    help you mitigate third-party, transactional, business and reputational risks : We advise you on investigation and client
    risk rating tools

  • Adress regulatory reviews and investigations: We help you prepare for your periodic regulatory obligations applicable to your company and respond to regulatory authorities on your behalf.

  • Become and stay compliant: We help you understand the current and emerging regulatory frameworks and how to adapt your business in term of policies, procedures, tools, controls, technologies.

Let's make your success story together!

Get a free 30 minutes meeting to discuss your issues and how we can address them.

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