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Financial Services Regulation & Compliance

We assist you to find a good balance between Innovation and Regulatory Risks. Working with us means reaping the operational rewards of compliance by cost-effectively implementing the right governance strategies, risk-based approaches and seizing opportunities at the right time.

Our Solutions :


  • Analyse regulatory developments that have an impact on your product offerings

  • Advise your Board of Directors and your operational team on the implementation of compliance risk programs

  • Develop and maintain risk appetite and risk tolerance statements appropriate to your business

  • Advise in addressing regulators' requests

  • Conduct compliance risk assessment and risk management training workshops for your team

  • Assist in the creation and upkeep of compliance policies and guidelines

  • Assist in the outsourcing of the RC/MLRO function 

Our areas of expertise: 

  • Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF)

  • Sanctions & Embargos


  • Fraud, Market Abuse (MAR II)

  • Conflict of Interests Management

  • Sustainability & ESG

  • Data Protection & GDPR

Let's make your success story together!

Get a free 30 minutes meeting to discuss your issues and how we can address them.

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