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Oumou ba

Founder & CEO I Regulatory & Compliance Expert

  • Oumou is a former Chief Compliance Officer of Fintechs. She is an expert in Smart Compliance, understanding Compliance by design of innovative products.

  • What makes her unique ? Her multiple facets, both entrepreneurial and tech-savvy. She uses her expertise to help her clients adopt the latest technologies, leverage new business models, avoid costly mistakes and facilitate internal transformation.


  • Oumou is certified in Blockchain and DeFi by Ecole Polytechnique Executive Education in Paris and a Certified Compliance Officer by the Luxembourg House of Training. She has been approved by the AMF in France and by the CSSF in Luxembourg as Head of Compliance for regulated entities.

  • She is an active member of the ALCO  and ADAN.

Why make compliance smart?

When I first started working in the financial services industry, I frequently heard this type of statements:

  •  Compliance is a barrier to new ideas

  •  Compliance is a killer of new projects

  •  Compliance generates a lot of costs and no revenue 

  •  Compliance requires a lot of unnecessary paperwork 


In an age of constant digital change and innovation, we know that the needs of Fintechs players are evolving too. This is what led me to rethink the job of Compliance Officer for young innovative Fintechs.

After 10 years in the financial sector and having been responsible for the Risks Management, Regulatory & Compliance of Fintechs registered by the AMF and the CSSF, I decided to leverage my expertise for making Compliance SMART.

What does that mean ? With my clients and partners, we remain focused on driving innovation in every aspect of our Regulatory & Compliance project, including the development of new digital capabilities, to continually provide the service and solutions they have come to expect. 

I work with those who make innovation happen.

I believe that financial regulation does not stop innovative ideas.

I assist growth-minded entrepreneurs to find a good balance between innovation and financial regulation.

I understand the importance of providing a truly tailored service.

I remain focused on driving innovation in every aspect of my Compliance & Regulatory services including digital transformation, new business models, and disruptive technology trends.

Agile and smart partnership

Tailor made approach

Entrepreneur mindset

Rigorous and quality work

Flexibility & responsivness

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