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Blockchain & Digital Assets

Either you are in a mission of reinventing the world of finance or in a mission of becoming a leading investment platform for people not served by the mainstream, you need to develop a customer-centric approach that will help you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Blockchain & Digital Assets

We advise FintTech businesses and Companies on the use of distributed-ledger technology while establishing efficient compliance with applicable law and regulation.

As a Regulatory Counsel we will play a crucial role in building your regulatory and compliance projects around digital assets, NFTs and blockchain and guide you step by step before the launch of new products.

We have developed a pragmatic approach for our clients’ needs by a large range of services:
- Build risk assessment methodologies to identify risks such as, but not limited to: Company wide AML risk; risks associated with specific products, services, coins, and tokens; countries and jurisdictions globally, customer segments; etc.
- Advise internal management and business partners on the implementation of compliance risk programs
- Build Compliance Risk Program to measure, monitor, and report on Compliance risk
- Lead investigations and AML compliance in the cryptocurrency industry, blockchain analytics and transaction tracing using tools trusted by government agencies and private institutions to trace and understand blockchain activity.

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